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Career Management

Career success is largely defined by your ability to realize personal growth while doing meaningful work. This can be achieved as a subject matter expert, people manager, or organizational leader. There’s always room for you to make greater contributions personally and professionally.

Career Recharge Workshops

Whether you’re satisfied with your current job or in a career transition, growing and perfecting your transferrable skills and your personal brand (what you have to offer to the world) is paramount to success on the job and in life.

Executive Coaching Workshops

Research shows that employees join companies but leave managers. Your top performers are often your greatest attrition risk since their skills are in such high demand in the marketplace. Are your managers equipped to engage your staff in meaningful career dialogue to keep your employees contributing at their best inside your business?


Rob DeLange, founder of Career Climb Consulting LLC, has had a diverse and unique career journey.

Rob started out as a technical professional, but over the next decade discovered his true gift in helping leaders and teams see their potential and move decisively toward the attainment of organizational and career goals. He a Master Practitioner at The Wiseman Group, where he has worked with global clients like Nike, Genentech, Johnson & Johnson, Salesforce, eBay, and World Vision to successfully implement Rookie Smarts and Multipliers leadership practices.

Prior to the Wiseman Group, Rob led corporate and field training functions at PeopleSoft (Oracle) and EMC, where he was intensely involved in leadership development, performance management, and OD consulting initiatives. He also worked at Visa Inc., where he launched the company's post-IPO career management and new manager on-boarding programs worldwide. Rob is SPHR certified and fluent in Spanish, having worked in over 14 countries across various industries.

At Career Climb Consulting, Rob combines insights from the best assessments in the world (HOGAN, Multipliers, MBTI, FIRO-B, TKI, and various 360 feedback instruments) with practical, relevant, and fun coaching and training solutions. Solutions are always uniquely adapted to your leadership development and workforce needs.

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